Internet has changed the art of writing letters to email. E-mail is one of the popular services
increasingly being used by people in their daily life. Electronic mail provides a platform for exchanging
information between two end users. It is basically used for sending and receiving mails/messages, e.g.,
textual, voice, graphical and video messages between end users. Operations on emails like Composing,
sending, replying and forwarding are very easy. Many sites provide the e-mail account free for every user.
Some popular e-mail account websites are yahoo mail, Gmail, rediffmail etc.

The advantages of e-mail over postal mail may be:

  1. E-mail is faster than postal mail.
  2. It cannot be lost like letters and can be stored for life long.
  3. It can be edited and forwarded to other users.
  4. Emails are not affected by distances. It can be sent anywhere in world in seconds.
  5. An e-mail can include one or more file attachments, allowing a person to send documents,
    pictures, or other files with it.
  6. Sending an e-mail is virtually free, outside the cost of Internet service.
  7. Sending an e-mail does not require paper (paperless), cardboard, or packing tape, conserving paper resources. So it is environmentally friendly.


Compiled by: Mr. Manish Sharma

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