From the Desk of Principal

“Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world”

                                                                                                                      Nelson Mandella.


The Air Force Vocational College (AFVC) was started in the year 1984. It marked a small beginning to change the way in which higher education was treated in the country.

At AFVC, we believe that education is a wholesome, holistic development in students. In this era of cut-throat competition, there is a paramount importance to be well equipped with appropriate knowledge, necessary skills and social and moral values.

Each year young minds join the college to pursue the diploma/Certificate courses of their choice. They leave as young trained & skilled adults ready to face the challenges that life has to offer. It has been our endeavour at AFVC to bring out the best in our students. Towards this we try to combine a healthy academic atmosphere with a lot of extra-curricular activities.

This objective is achieved by imparting education keeping in view the needs of the industry. It provides career and technical based education.With the present day thrust being given on ‘Skill based’ vocational training, we are confident that the trained and skilled students will be self-directed, realistic and responsible decision makers in our multicultural, ever-changing world.

We welcome all those who wish to join AFVC as students. We firmly believe that the most important thing is being passionate about what we are doing and giving it our all. This is the key to success. Our mission is to ‘Nurture individual potential in students to empower and enrich their lives’.

We look forward to a meaningful interaction and association of learners and teachers.

Namrata Das Chowdhury